Preparation for capturing a wedding ceremony

Weddings are a serious business. So if you have been asked by a friend to act as their California wedding photographer, you need to prepare with care. A little attention to detail beforehand can make all the difference.


Check your camera

This one may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people forget this very basic rule. Check if your batteries are charged and the memory card is blank. Your zoom lenses also need to be clean and ready. A California wedding photographer will also carry an extra camera. This is not just for emergency, but also to give you a better and quicker way of achieving variety in your shots and angles.


Know your subject

A wedding is all about the people who are getting married. So getting to know them a bit better beforehand can prove really important. Even if they are close friend of yours, talk to them. Get to know what they like, the little details they will appreciate. While you are at it, get a shot list. These are the photographs the couple want. They may want specific wedding occasion captured or they want some specific relatives. In fact, relatives are an important component for any Indian wedding photographer. It is always better to know all the immediate relatives so that you do not miss out on a favourite uncle!


Pack wisely

If you are travelling out of town, you also need to pack wisely. Photography requires some delicate equipment and these have to be treated carefully. Chances are that you already have a special rucksack or case for them. A California wedding photographer would usually carry quite a few pieces of professional equipment. If you have to fly to the wedding site, this may not be a viable option. It is always better and safer to carry your photography equipment with yourself as hand luggage. However, there may be some limitations to how much or what you can take. Check the weight and any rules beforehand. Apart from all the camera paraphernalia, you may also want to take your tripod. Every Indian wedding photographer finds it useful in case of all those endless group photos!


Scout the location

California photography offers many great opportunities. But it is always better to scout whichever location you are in. Remember that if it is a location wedding, the place holds a special significance for the couple. Find out beforehand about their attachment to the place. Do not limit yourself to the wedding venue. Explore and you may find some great locales. These sometimes make for great candid shots for a California wedding photographer. If you are shooting at some different city, a little research will also give you a better idea of light patterns, great locations and little nooks and corners that sometimes make great contrasts.


As in anything else, preparation makes all the difference between a mediocre result and a striking output. When you are dealing with something as special as a wedding, a little effort can give you that extra special touch. Follow our tips to be a professional Indian wedding photographer.


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