How to capture professional photographs

Almost everyone with a camera fancies wants to be a professional photographer. It is not about the profession itself. It is our desire to capture our special moments picture perfect. A professional photographer like a California wedding photographer can not just capture the subject, but also the emotions. That is why a professional California photography can be so evocative.


So, do you really need to be a professional to achieve this? Of course not! Photography, like many art forms can be learnt. It is both science and art. It requires your both intellect and your perception. Here are some tips that can help you reach your goal.

Get to know your camera

Ask a professional like an Indian wedding photographer about their camera. They will be able to tell you about each part, take it apart and then put it back together. Any professional must the tool of his or her trade. To be an expert handler of the camera, you need to first learn all about it. Unless you inherited your camera, you already have a manual to start with. Even if it is a rather old one, search for manuals from speciality stores or go online. You are bound to come up with the required literature.

Once you have all the technical details, get the feel for it. Do not be afraid to play around with the camera. Some places like Californiaare made for photography. So just go clicking. Unless you use your camera, you will never know what you can do with it. Since most cameras are today digital, experimenting not even requires any huge expense. Most cameras have an auto setting. However, to really know your camera, play with different settings. Know about the camera zoom, how many megapixels it has and what you can do with it!

Get the lighting right

Lighting is crucial to any photograph. If you intend to click using natural light, early mornings and evenings are perfect. This is when the sunlight is slightly mellow and flatters your subject. Keep the sun at your back. However, an Indian wedding photographer does not always have this liberty. Many weddings take place in closed spaces or at night where sunlight has no role to play. In such cases, learn to use the flash. If shooting indoors during daytime, window light can be sufficient and may even provide with striking contrasts. However, you may need reflectors to make sure there are no shadows on your photo. Reflectors are simply reflecting surfaces that will return the light on your subject.



The composition of a photo makes it what it is. Usually you need the rule of thirds. Split your photo into thirds, either horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait). Your subject should fall on the central portion. However, remember this is art and not a technical discourse. So, feel free to junk this rule. It is meant more as a guide, for the photographer to be aware of the elements of their composition. However, many a great California photography places the subject to the extreme right, left or even at the very bottom!


Above all, you must have fun! Learn to be a great California wedding photographer, but always remember it is as much calculation as it is about making it fun and memorable!



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