The season for arangetrams begins now with an influx of quality performances all over the bay area. We are so lucky to be in an area where rich, ancient culture, is a part of everyday life. The children who grow up in this cultural diversity become well-rounded adults and are very tolerant of many aspects of life.

Dinesh and I are so grateful to be a part of these girls’ milestone events. The arangetram marks the end of a chapter in bharatanatyam and the beginning of another. When a bharatanatyam student has completed an arangetram, they are able to not only perform continuously for two hours, but they are also ready to explain an entire margam (traditional line up) to an audience that may or may not be familiar with the tradition.

During the arangetram process, parents as well as the gurus, put in a tremendous amount of work to ensure a successful experience for everyone who is involved. The parents come to a photographer seeking expertise in the area of capturing their daughter’s special moment(s). However, what they receive is the total package. With Radhika as a dancer herself, she is able to patiently explain the process of an arangetram to the parents and is able to make them feel at ease during a very tense time.

The duo arrives early to any arangetram and captures pictures of the dancer and the stage décor ahead of time. The stage decorations and lobby set-up is becoming more and more elaborate as more and more younger dancers ascend the stage.

We are thrilled to be able to capture these special moments for the bay area families. We look forward to wonderful arangetram season ahead in 2015!

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