About Wedding Photography

When you hire Dinesh and Radhika, you will be working with a dynamic couple that is extremely passionate about photography. They will take time to get to know you and the moments you would like to capture.

Born and raised in Chennai, India, Dinesh has an international perspective on his photography. From the calm waters of Kerala to the rapid tides of the Pacific Ocean, Dinesh captures nature at its best.

Radhika was born and raised in California and also has a unique outlook on her photography. As the creative head, she is able to artistically set up any picture to focus on the subject in its best light. Also as a Indian classical dancer, she understands the nuances of dance and is able to click the picture at precisely the right moment.

Action or narrative photographs make lasting memories, but portraits are a way to display the beauty of family bonds. These pictures portray the family in their best light. The families are not the only ones that will appreciate the captured moment, but so will close friends.

The frozen frames of photos create memories that last a lifetime. Those memories need to be triggered by captivating photography. Dinesh and Radhika have a unique approach to wedding and event photography that is absolutely charming. They are able to get close and involved in the event without interfering in the activities.

While looking through the lens, of the camera, Dinesh and Radhika are able to capture the memories that you can cherish for years to come.